Dinex - North American Aftermarket Product News, May 2023


It is essential to keep your Differential Pressure sensor (DPS) working perfectly, as it can indicate seriously failures and result in costly repairs. Watch the full product release video with our North American aftermarket Product Manager, Venkata Rama Nataraj Maganti, for more information about our Differential Pressure sensors (DPS).

Dinex - European Aftermarket Product News, May 2023


Watch the latest product release video showing the business case with new front pipe for the Euro 6 MAN Lion’s coach buses incl. all of the technical details that makes Dinex products just slightly better than other parts you find on the market.

From Backlog to Back-on-Track - The Dinex OneBox ReLaunched


The OneBox ReLaunched - We are pleased to announce that we have been gradually implementing upgrades to our production capacity, advancement of the production processes, and the design of the product itself – all based on input collected from customers all over North America.

Technical Customer Support - Taken to new levels by Dinex!


With Dinex You’ll never walk alone! Our Customer Support Teams has your back, and with our newest team member in the US Mara Godding, as Technical Support Manager of North America, we’re ready to take our support to new levels. Read the full article here.

New generation of Dinex NOx sensors


We have introduced a new generation of sensors with more features and upgraded software. Extensive testing and validation ensure that our sensors are matching OE quality, and our team is working constantly to provide you with a better guidance and service. To learn more, check out this flyer where we explain some of the improvements made recently.

Dinex release the first European Euro V & VI Bus exhaust catalogue!


Big news is about to strike the Aftermarket for Buses: For the first time in Europe we are excited to release the first dedicated catalogue for Euro V and VI Bus exhaust systems! 68 pages and 383 new parts being introduced covering full systems for a wide range of common (and uncommon) buses on the European roads.​​​​​​​

Dinex - Are you aware of the typical NOx sensor field failures?


Our Customer Care & Mechatronics Product Business Manager Karlis Banis will explain how example deposit of oil and coolants on a Diesel Particulate Filter caused by a broken turbo charger or EGR valve can cause a defect NOx sensor.

Dinex - European Aftermarket Product News, April 2023


Dinex also produce a wide range of exhaust spare parts that are used on vehicles with fuel types like compressed natural gas, which is one of the showcases in the latest product release video presented by our Customer Care & Mechatronics Product Business Manager Karlis Banis.​​​​​​​

Dinex Aftermarket Product News – North America, Q1-2023


In this new series of videos our Product Manager, North America Venkata Rama Nataraj Maganti will every month introduce new selected products recently released for sales, giving YOU the full insight to why Dinex spare parts are an extra mile better. ​​​​​​​

Dinex - We're in the finals - Best B2B company


Dinex is once again in the spotlight as a Top 5 finalist for one of the prestigious e-Commerce awards by the Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv)!

Dinex Aftermarket Product News - March23


Our first line of Remanufactured Diesel Fuel Injectors are ready for sale! Watch the latest March product release video with our Communication & Sustainability Manager Kristian Kaufmann for more information.

Dinex on Spring and Summer Tour


Now it is finally time to meet at the upcoming exhibitions. Our Aftermarket sales teams are ready to welcome you and show our latest news.

Dinex - Yet another anniversary!


Today our local team counts 9 dedicated employees, and 1 of them has been with Dinex Iberica from the beginning. The anniversary was celebrated with online greetings from the headquarter and a dinner out with all team members.

Dinex goes all in on talent care!


Dinex joins the professional non-profit association Talents4AA with the clear goal of attracting and retaining talents of all ages and origins, in all professions, in one of the most attractive sectors: The Automotive Aftermarket. Dinex is the only heavy duty partner.

Dinex - Updated Universal catalogue


Missing a flex pipe, a bending, a clamp or a muffler for that customized system of yours? With our latest update of the Universal catalogue you will NOT be limited with vehicle specific exhaust parts, as we can offer you a wide product range of universal parts for your next job – complex or not.

Dinex - How do you ensure compatibility of NOx sensors?


It is only a question of time before vehicles will receive software updates, which may potentially lead to incompatibility with existing stock of sensors, and failure to communicate right after installation.

Dinex Aftermarket Product News - February23


Overheated engine? Check your coolant pipes! Watch the latest February product release video with our Customer Care & Mechatronics Product Business Manager Karlis Banis for more information.

PRE-ORDER Dinex Reman Diesel Fuel Injectors


Dinex is expanding its extensive product range with another essential part of a modern truck. Our NEW range of validated and industrially Remanufactured Diesel Fuel Injectors is a step in the right direction for the planet as we’re reusing already existing parts.

Dinex - We love to share knowledge with our customers!


Technical Training season 2022 in figures: 👩‍🎓 5.000 Participants - 👩‍🏫 200 Training sessions - 🗺 25 Countries. Can we help you to fuel up on the latest knowledge from the industry in 2023? Let’s get in touch!

Dinex - NOx sensor is a sensitive part of an exhaust system


In this 2nd part of our NOx-sensor series, Customer Care & Mechatronics Product Business Manager Karlis Banis will go through some of the most frequent failures identified in the market, and how we do our best to address them upfront.

Dinex - Latest Aftermarket Product News incl. showcase


Watch the latest January product release video with our Customer Care & Mechatronics Product Business Manager Karlis Bania that include a showcase about the latest DPF accessory kit for Euro 6 DAF truck and buses.

Dinex - In the footsteps of Circular Economy


The “use-and-throw-away”-mentality of Linear Economy is on a retreat, and Circular Economy is gaining ground. The Automotive Aftermarket is no exception, and Dinex is ready with products and services that supports this movement while still putting all the advantages of lower costs, simpler solutions, and better quality, in your hands.

Dinex - Reman & Recon brochure


Check it out online now, and find exactly the substrates you need for your Filter Replacement or Catalyst Remanufacturing needs.To make it even easier, all parts are linked to our webshop so our existing customers can directly add what they need to their basket. 🛒

Dinex - HDAW23


Why don't you come and say hello to our fantastic TEAM at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) - January 16-19, 2023 in Grapevine, TX - Booth no. 125? 🤝

Dinex - Euro VI Changed the Game


The latest Emission Standards has impacted the independent aftermarket, adding complexity and costs to truck drivers and owners. But don’t get tempted by cheap solutions: Dinex identifies the risks you can’t afford to take, and shows you how to play smarter.

Dinex - Sometimes you need more than a supplier


NOx-sensors can be tricky, but don’t you worry. Dinex is ready to support you before, during and after the purchase.​​​​​​​

Dinex Pressure Sensors


We’re expanding our product range with yet another essential part of modern trucks, so PRE-ORDER your Dinex Exhaust Pressure Sensors today for delivery in February 2023.

Dinex mechatronic spare parts introduction


Do you know the functionality or even the location of the mechatronic spare parts in a modern exhaust system? Watch our Customer Care & Mechatronics Product Business Manager, Karlis Banis that will explain and give you additional insights in this video.

Hear what our customers say about the Dinex webshop


Do like LVD, Avenmar, Truck & Bus Parts… and over a 1000 others who has taken their business into the fast lane – With the award-winning Dinex Ecommerce solution! But don’t take our words for it. See what our customers say about the webshop in this video.

Dinex - Let's meet at the HDAW23


Come and be a part of the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) event - January 16-19, 2023 in Grapevine, TX and get the chance to meet the Dinex US team! 🤝

Dinex - Thank you CARAT


What an honor, and what a way to wrap up the year! Thank you CARAT for recognizing Dinex with this Sales Professionals Award 2022.

Dinex - New developed Euro 6 exhaust spare parts


Are you looking for the latest developed Euro 6 exhaust spare parts for trucks and busses? 🚌 🚚 Then don’t hesitate to watch the latest November product release video with our Customer Care & Mechatronics Product Business Manager Karlis Banis.

Dinex - Don’t get tempted by half-way DPF solutions...


✅ Reduced Downtime ✅ Extended Service Intervals ✅ Improved Fuel Economy.

That is some of the benefits Truck-drivers see from 3-step reconditioned Diesel Particulate Filters, compared to traditional 2-step cleaning.

Dinex’ product range never stops growing!


In this new series of videos our Customer Care & Mechatronics Product Business Manager Karlis Banis will every month introduce new select products recently released for sales, giving YOU the full insight to why Dinex spare parts are an extra mile better.

Dinex Pressure Sensors - Coming Soon


...and so does our new PRESSURE SENSORS. We’re expanding our product range with yet another essential part of modern trucks, that will be on stock for fast delivery already in the beginning of 2023!

The NEW Dinex OneBox for MAN applications


Dinex is very proud to launch the Dinex OneBox for MAN TGS/TGX applications. The OneBox design has been a significant development investment, and the unique designincorporates type approved DOC and SCR catalysts to ensure Euro VI emission regulation compliance.

Dinex invested in digitalization in a conservative industry


...and opened completely new markets. The plan was a new website. But during the process, Dinex became aware of a great untapped potential. Would you like to know more about our journey? Then you can read the full interview with Stefan Dolleris, Head of e-commerce, Dinex in this article.

Organizational changes in the Dinex Aftermarket Division


After 5 years at Dinex our CSO – Per H. Larsen is leaving for retirement, and at the same time 3 people in the Dinex sales organization have been promoted with effect from June 2022.

Welcome to Dinex Polska


Part of the Dinex Group since 2002, and now celebrating 20 years anniversary! Our Polish colleagues in Gdansk is not only servicing local customers, but also Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. Come and meet the TEAM in this video, and for a tour around the “engine room” of Dinex Poland.

Dinex makes huge investment in Dublin, Georgia!


Dinex invests in advanced coating automatization and assembly with an investment of 5,0 mUSD in their facility in North America. It means more people, new production lines, and 100% on time delivery on the aftermarket.

Dinex Awarded - “Best E-commerce business Case”


Dinex’ E-commerce platform, launched in January 2020, has just been awarded as the “Best e-commerce business case” in Denmark. The reason is the massive success and comprehensive support that the Dinex Webshop has faced from the customers.

Dinex - CSO Aftermarket Newsletter - April 2022


After big success in 2021 for the Dinex Aftermarket with grows of more than 50 pct., expansion continues for the exhaust and emission leader. Dinex continues with a new US patent, a new OneBox, fresh webshop features, an European award and focus on talents  

US patent is a remarkable landmark for the Dinex OneBox


Dinex has proudly received a patent approval document from USPTO for its first aftermarket product. The future looks bright for Dinex and these emissions improving products.

Dinex receive award from Nexus


In this week Dinex received the award as “Heavy Duty Supplier of the Year 2021” in the Nexus Community. We are humbled and at the same time very HAPPY for receiving the award, and a special thank you goes to the Nexus Community, Nexus members and not least the Dinex employees.

Dinex - Let's show your our new 3D-laser


Our Production Manager in Latvia Juris Katkovs can’t wait to introduce his new Industry 4.0 automated 3D-laser! Because now he can produce even more complex designs, at a higher quality, in a more competitive setup. And that’s good news for our customers!

Dinex - What is essential for growing your business?


In Dinex it is the People, Customers and Culture that are the essential driving forces. Which also means that our focus in 2022 is to continuously develop our product portfolio, listen and interact even more with our customers and develop our employees in the organization.



Meet Aftermarket Sales Manager of France and Benelux: Darren Hughes, as he explains how our webshop, logistic setup with next day service, technical support, and our full exhaust portfolio from Turbo to Tailpipe, can make your work easier.

Dinex - Let's meet at the HDAW 22!


Come and meet the Dinex US team and our global management at the no. 1 meeting point for the automotive aftermarket, Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week ‘22 in Grapevine, Texas, January 24-27, and help us celebrate both Dinex’ 40th anniversary and our 10th anniversary in the US.

Dinex ready to conquer the European market


Now Dinex is ready to launch our unique OneBox on the European aftermarket for Volvo and Renault trucks first, and shortly hereafter OneBox for a series of other big truck-brands will follow.

Latest aftermarket NEWS!


Read the latest CSO newsletter – Link where our CSO, Per H. Larsen points out a selection of global news. Introduction of new people in the aftermarket division - Opening of new warehouses in North America - New unique search function of VIN numbers on the US webshop - Expansion of the product portfolio with the latest Dinex Onebox for Volvo / Renault trucks

Our customers prefers the Dinex webshop


The Dinex E-Commerce platform is the easiest, simplest, and most integrable way of buying quality spare parts. Take the word of our customers for it!​​​​​​​

proud sponsor of the winning racing team – Lion Truck Racing


Dinex is the proud sponsor of the winning racing team – Lion Truck Racing which earlier this year won the respected 24 hour Truck Le Mans in France.

Dinex - more than type approved


Over 50 parts are now type approved the last two years in the Dinex range. The unique position on the aftermarket includes many advantages, which our Product Director points out here.

Dinex strengthens it’s position in North America


Dinex extend with three new 3PL warehouses in the US, and has now totally five distributions centers in North America, bringing the company much closer to the customers with full range of exhaust parts.

A Euro 6 revolution - the Dinex OneBox is coming to Europe!


Prepare yourself as Dinex is soon releasing the very first full Euro 6 Aftertreatment Solution for the aftermarket – complete with easily interchangeable DPFs, Type Approved technologies, and 3 years warranty.

New Aftermarket Logistic Setup


The Dinex philosophy is ”EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH”!! And the new logistic setups through our webshop is no exception, benefitting our European customers with Pick-up, Express and Weekly delivery services.

Dinex CSO Newsletter


Despite COVID-19 we kept on introducing new market leading Euro 6 and EPA exhaust parts all the way through 2020 for both the European and North American aftermarket - along with our extended 3 year warranty. With 2021 we are looking forward to yet another year of full speed ahead, and to expand our service level and portfolio for an even greater partnership with our customers.

The turbo is adjusted to HIGH-SPEED mode!


Dinex gears up by bringing in a new VP of sales for North- & South America as part of the new “Shaping the Future” strategy. Dinex US strengthens the aftermarket sales organization with more power and further develop the position as the NO. 1 supplier of exhaust spare parts in North America.

Type Approved Euro 6 Catalogue


With the introduction of the first - all Type Approved - Euro 6 emission systems catalogue, Dinex is again adding to the market leading position. The Euro 6 catalogue represents the by far most comprehensive and complete - turbo to tailpipe - emission system program available, covering all parts needed to replace or service exchange any Euro 6 emission system.

Fuel up on exhaust knowledge


Are you curious about the functionality of the exhaust components in EURO 6 heavy duty vehicles? Sign in for our free online seminar with our Euro 6 Product Specialist Karlis Banis from Product Management

Dinex Recon RX


The Dinex Recon RX program is the EASY, FAST and SAFE choice for DPF Euro 6 exchange filters. Using type approved DPF filters only you are coved by the 2-years warranty. Learn more and see our full program here.

Dinex OneBox


Dinex is proud to introduce our new visual and cutting-edge EPA 10 catalogue for the North American aftermarket! The new EPA 10 program covers 95% of the exhaust systems from turbo to tailpipe.

Dinex OneBox


Exhaust and emission manufacturer Dinex releases a unique OneBox exhaust solution used on Freightliner and Western Star trucks for the American aftermarket including a 3-year warranty. The new patent pending OneBox contains high technology catalysts and particle filters in a quality similar to or better than OE solutions.


Dinex is the first aftermarket supplier to introduce a 3 year warranty to our customers - that is how good our products are!


At Dinex we are taking the aftermarket quality to a higher level to keep the trucks on the road. Commercial vehicles often operate around the clock, and this requires use of quality spare parts.


​​​​​​​As a One-Stop-Supplier we are offering all the exhaust spareparts you need from turbo to tailpipe.

Watch the video with our Global Product Manager for the Aftermarket reveal the new sensor program for the European and North American trucks.


Dinex is proud to announce the official release of a Recon RX DPF Exchange Program for class 6-8 trucks in North America. Check out our video showing how easy it is to do business with Dinex from ordering, handling and mounting the Recon RX Diesel Particle Filter (DPF).


To maintain a high support and service level for our customers we offer several benefits like virtual meetings, webinars, and a 24/7 available webshop. To emphasize our role as a One-Stop-Supplier we will soon introduce a new product range of temperature sensors and reconditioned exchange program.


Our new e-commerce platform has been running from the beginning of the year, and we are truly overwhelmed by the success it already has generated.


While society is largely on hold, food, medicine, and other essentials are still needed on the shelves. Maintaining supply chains remains important, and Dinex is part of this in supply of required truck spare parts.


While the world is adjusting with the COVID-19 situation, Dinex US is falling back on what we do best; Education, training and being there for our customers.​​​​​​​


In regard to the Covid-19 situation, we reach out to you and hope for your understanding that Dinex like most other responsible companies have implemented increased focus on the safety of our employees and customers, by following rules by local governments keeping the employees not direct in production at home as much as possible.


New e-commerce platform from The Dinex Group will increase efficiency and ease the procurement of goods for Dinex’ aftermarket customers.

​​​​​​​Doing business with Dinex has never been easier.


Dinex has experienced a fantastic growth for the exhaust business in 2019 according to our strategy. The growth is caused by hard work and a clear strategy to secure the continuously success for us and our customers, and the new 2021-2023 strategy is also settled for the continuously success.


Dinex strives to be the world’s leading supplier of exhaust systems and emission technology for the Aftermarket and the OEMs, and being awarded as “Supplier of the Year 2018” at the Temot International Gala in Barcelona, within our core competence area: “Commercial Vehicles”, Dinex’ focus on Customer Satisfaction pays off.