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Learns as if you were to live forever of the famous quotes by Mahatma Gandhi was “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ​​​​​​​


3rd generation of Dinesen gets a taste of the family business

In the autumn, 20-year-old Gustav Dinesen, son of Dinex CEO Torben Dinesen, was given a new perspective on his father’s company through a temporary position at Dinex. Thus, he  became the third generation of Dinesens in the company.


Dinex Joins NGVA Europe

We are pleased to announce that Dinex has joined the Natural and Bio Gas Vehicle Association.


Dinex expand their activities to India

Dinex expand their activities to India. “In our journey towards being a global player within our industry, India is a very important market, with a significant volume, and expected growth looking ahead,” says the CEO of Dinex, Torben Dinesen.


Press Release

The wheels of Dinex, the Danish Cleantech Group, are rolling at high speed. And this applies to all the global markets where the 1,400 employees develop, produce and sell exhaust sys-tems with advanced emission technology for trucks, construc-tion and agricultural machines.