Dinex Occupational Health and Safety Policy

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The health and safety of employees are non-negotiable to the Dinex Group as we recognise the importance of healthy employees and a safe workplace. We aim at a strong health and safety culture which is compliant with national and international legislation as well as standards developed based on the experience and learning shared within the Dinex Group.


We believe that a safe workplace is achieved through two principles. First, the physical settings must be compliant with legislation and our own internal standards and personal protective equipment (PPE) must be easily accessible wherever needed. Second, employees must receive education and training to understand safety guidelines, and clear instructions must be available at relevant workstations.


Employees are the most valuable asset to the Dinex Group and we recognise that healthy employees achieve higher performance. Our managers are committed to cherish a healthy workforce through local services and initiatives.

Leadership & Participation

We believe that a strong health and safety culture is build on commitment from both managers and employees to achieve the highest standards. Managers ensure that the physical tools and equipment are available. Employees are expected to work in compliance with our health and safety guidelines.

Employees must take action on any unsafe behaviour as well as all employees have the right and duty to call attention to circumstances which in their opinion are unreasonable or unsafe.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement of health and safety standards are achieved through communication, education, and training to facilitate sharing of experience, thus strengthening our health and safety culture. To facilitate learning and best practice, health and safety objectives are reviewed monthly by Group Management and actions are taken when needed.

Embedding our experience and learning into standards and daily routines enables us to continuously improve, thus to repeatedly take health and safety to higher levels.