Reman boom stresses the need for vigilance!

Replacing a broken Euro VI silencer is a costly affair, so it’s really no wonder why truck owners increasingly turn to Remanufacturing. But as new markets bring new opportunities, new risks also surface.

A broken Euro VI silencer often involves one or several damaged catalysts or filters (commonly named “Substrates”), or a blockage of crystallized AdBlue® residues. Nothing that a professional remanufacturing workshop can’t fix, simply by replacing the substrates and cleaning the insides.

As a concept, Remanufacturing of Euro VI silencers is an obviously positive no-brainer. A good, professional reman-job results in a product that performs like new, with a CO2-footprint 80-90% lower, and a very attractive price-tag. Both planet & wallet win!

But as the market grows, quality variations rise, and pitfalls start to show. Recent findings by Dinex and our partners reveals that not all reman-suppliers are keen on upholding the same standards, and guess who’s stuck with the consequences: Drivers, and truck owners.

Why do Type Approvals matter?

Type Approval is your guarantee that vital technologies, such as catalysts (DOCs & SCRs) and particulate filters (DPFs), conform to Euro VI standards – both in terms of emission reduction, performance, and durability.

It’s easy to get your hands on cheap replacement substrates without Type Approval, and there is a huge risk of these ending up in remanufactured Euro VI silencers, unless the workshop and the buyer clearly insist on maintaining full compliance.

Reman boom stresses the need for vigilance

Go for the Smarter & Safer choices

Buy Reman from Professionals

Get recommendations, contact the supplier, and make sure you ask for:

  1. Assurance that all 3 types of substrates has been replaced: DOC, DPF and SCR.

  2. Type Approval documentation or homologation no. of replaced substrates.

  3. Confirmation that a proper Root Cause Analysis (RCA) was conducted before  remanufacturing was started, and proper verification & pressure testing done afterwards.

Let's find the right Reman-partner for you

Reach out to your local Dinex sales office for references to professional & recommended Remanufacturing suppliers.

Buy New Type Approved Aftermarket

Dinex is the only Aftermarket supplier that offers brand-new Type Approved Euro VI silencers at 40-50% off regular OE prices. Check out our solutions on our webshop.

Dinex range of Euro VI silencers for the aftermarket

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