Have you heard about Ghost Codes? 👻

Either way, dr. NOx has an important message to share with you:

It has come to his attention, that Aftermarket NOx sensors still suffer a bad reputation, especially in North America. The reason are the so-called "Ghost Codes" that occur when a vehicle has received a software update. The software update may change the way the vehicle communicates with the NOx sensor, and a regular Aftermarket NOx-sensor will most likely not know how to respond to that.

And there you have it… 👻 Ghost Codes 👻 ... resulting in OBD failures and rendering the NOx sensor useless.

Does that mean all Aftermarket sensors are bad? No! Because Dinex has developed the Generation 2 NOx sensors, with software that is so smart, that it is capable of interpreting all the current – and future – ways that the vehicle can and will communicate with it. This makes it practically Ghost-Code-Proof! 😎

Combined with formidable accuracy, durability, and all the latest components, this makes Dinex Gen2 NOx sensors stand out from all other Aftermarket sensors.

Phew… Dr. NOx is relieved he got that off his chest and hopes dearly that you will give Dinex’s NOx sensors a try next time.