Positive experience to join the Off-Highway Powertrain & Fuels conference!

After 2 full days of sparring with OEMs, Partners and Industry Leaders, we can say for sure: We’re ready for Tier 5 and Hydrogen-fueled Powertrains!

It was an overly positive experience to join the Off-Highway Powertrain & Fuels conference in Irvine, California, organized by Emissions Analytics. A unique opportunity to connect and exchange insights on future off-highway powertrain and fuel aftertreatment technology solutions: For a Greener and Cleaner future!

As a proud sponsor, Dinex showcased our holistic, energy-agnostic solutions designed to tackling the upcoming Tier 5 regulation - for both current and future powertrains.

Our Application Manager, Dinesh kumar Ayyaswamy, along with General Manager David Hughes, presented:

👉 SCR systems and mixer technologies for ultra-low NOx emissions.

👉 Market-leading DPF technologies with market leading filtration and back pressure.

👉 Innovative Hydrogen Combustion solutions featuring NOx Storage Catalyst technology.

👉 Modular, customizable, and cost-efficient aftertreatment systems.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation at the “Future Powertrain Mix for Non-Road Applications” conference in Munich on September 18-19, 2024! See you there!