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CSO Newsletter - Aftermarket - June 2020

Dinex would like to maintain a high support and service level for our customers, even if we don’t have the possibility to meet physically. We are therefore going to offer several digital solutions like virtual meetings, webinars, and a 24/7 available webshop and we look forward to offer our partners the benefits of this.

To emphasize our role as a One-Stop-Supplier we will soon introduce a new product range of temperature sensors and reconditioned exchange program.

Welcoming new forces

…are very important subjects for the future business. We are therefore pleased to welcome new competences in our organization.

The Dinex Group has appointed Evangelos Georgiadis as new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for both the OEM and Aftermarket business. Evangelos has 15 years of experience from the aftertreatment industry, of which 13 years in the combustion and aftertreatment systems industry from PSA, Denso and Faurecia.

We have also assigned Eli Sandlykke as our new Division Manager QHSE& Productivity to further strenghten the quality and safety level in our production, as well as support on our LEAN Excellence program execution. Eli joins Dinex with a strong background within Quality Management, Supplier Quality and HSE. In the past 20 years he has been working for Global companies like LEGO, Siemens & Danfoss.

Introducing Evangelos Georgiadis

Evangelos is our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Dinex Group.

Introducing Eli Sandlykke

Eli is our new Division Manager QHSE in Aftermarket.

Good things come to those who wait...

We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand your business with new products, and soon we will be ready for the next launch of value-added products for our Aftermarket customers.

We will expand our “traditional” exhaust product range with Euro 5 e-line products, sensor program and make a reconditioned exchange program, that means YOU will be more competitive to exchange program and at the same time be One-Stop-Supplier on the independent aftermarket.

More details will come, so stay tuned on our LinkedIn profile “Dinex Group” and our homepage.

An exhaust system is not just an exhaust system!

Dinex will further invest in what we do best; Education, training and being there for our customers.

In the past months Dinex Academy hosted many successful virtual trainings in emission reduction systems to prepare our partners for the future emission standards and guidance in exhaust components.

Today the exhaust system is not just about noise reduction. The need to reduce the damaging emissions in the exhaust gas according to the official legislations is essential.

Our customers agree to the fact that there is a need for training – our virtual trainings had up to 150 participants per session.

Diesel engines have never been cleaner

Part of the problem or part of the solution?

The aftertreatment solutions available and mandatory in the majority of the world, are more effective than ever in removing harmful substances from the exhaust gas. It means that the transport sector that puts goods on the shelves around the world, has now the opportunity to be even cleaner.

Several studies demonstrate how air quality in urban areas is actually more polluted than the air from the tail pipe of a modern EURO VI/EPA10 diesel vehicle.

Studies show that for a modern diesel vehicle, over 90% of the PM10 and PM2.5 emissions comes from tire wear, brake wear and road wear.

With the next step – popularly called "Euro 7" – we expect to see new standards for cold start performance, urban driving, and CO2 emissions, while further reducing NOx emissions to a level between 0.1-0.2 g/kWh.

Read the whole article on our homepage here.

We wish you a good summer and remember that Dinex is still available 24/7

Our new webshop has been running from the beginning of the year, and we are truly overwhelmed by the big success it already has generated in Europe. We have many users taking-on the new webshop and we still see an increasing usage. It only takes 5 minutes, so why don’t you join?

The number speaks for itself as more than 60% of the turnover on the Aftermarket is generated through the webshop.

We are looking very much forward to introducing the new platform to our US customers in Q3 – 2020.