In Dinex, we do not only apply new technologies in order for our products to comply with emission regulations. We are also taking a big part in developing and deciding the future technologies that will deliver cost efficient and emission compliant products and solutions.

Did you know?

…that our Engineers are speakers at key exhaust and emission technology conferences around the world every year? Or did you know, that several of our employees are teaching at universities and collaborating with universities globally to research and develop exhaust and emission technologies? Or did you know, that many of our Engineers are writing journals and articles about exciting technologies, new development and innovative next generation technologies?

Now you know, and therefore, you also know that there are many good reasons to take an extra look at not only what we do for our customers, but also what we do for our employees. This unique environment where you as an Engineer are working with top researchers, professors, universities and PhD.s gives you unique opportunities to develop within your field. Many of our colleagues have a PhD degree, while others have extensive experience. But common for all our employees is that they are passionate about what they do.

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Dinex Technology Strategy

Our Technology organization is global. Our CTO, Evangelos, is based in Germany but travelling around the world to visit his teams and employees in e.g. China, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Russia and the US. This also means that working as an Engineer in Dinex you will navigate in a highly multi cultural environment where you will learn about cultural differences but also get the benefits of different approaches and ideas towards technology innovation.

Dinex is a unique company in the automotive industry and differentiates from the competition in the way that we are developing in-house not only the exhaust pipes, mufflers and canning, but also the catalysts and coatings of diesel and natural gas aftertreatment systems. We can offer to our customers either parts or the complete aftertreatment system, based on their needs.

In the technology organization, we are:

  • Focusing on our own innovation and product roadmap to comply with future emission regulations and increased customer specific requirements. In that framework, we are continuously developing new technologies, alone or in close collaboration with our partners and suppliers. We are participating in European funding programs promoting innovation. We are protecting the intellectual property of our innovative technologies through our patent portfolio.
  • Supporting business development and program acquisitions worldwide.
  • Executing programs and supporting our customers, both locally and globally. Our engineers are customer focused and always show flexibility and go the extra mile to support our customers. With our customers being located worldwide, we are supporting our customers with local application engineering teams, supported by our HQ engineering functions.

Looking 3 years ahead

For the 3 years ahead, the industry is facing unique and motivating challenges. With societies putting more focus on cleaner air, emission regulations are becoming stricter worldwide. In Dinex technology organization we are ready to face these challenges through our top 3 priorities:

  • Execute our technology roadmaps bringing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the market. Some example of focus areas: Advanced DOC and SCR coatings for diesel engines, advanced TWC coatings for natural gas engines, advanced thermal insulation for exhaust pipes, innovative technologies for low temperature activation of the aftertreatment system and much more.
  • Expand our internal know-how and competencies. For example, we are currently expanding our testing capabilities worldwide towards state-of-the-art facilities in order to support more customer projects.
  • Develop and support the growth of our local application engineering teams. For example, we are at the moment in the process of creating a new engineering team in India to support the expansion of Dinex in this important market.

​​​​​​​Team spirit and accountability

“As CTO of the Dinex Group, I promote a working environment where team spirit and accountability are the most important values and where the employees develop their hard and soft skills on a continuous basis. Our engineers are motivated because their work has an impact to the environment and the company’s performance and because of our successes.

When we hire new colleagues, I am always making sure that they have a solid know-how but especially that they fit with our values.” Evangelos Georgiadis says.

Dinex Talent Program

“Dinex is running our Talent Program every year and in 2020 the focus is on our talented specialists. This is a unique opportunity for our strong Engineers to be part of a global program where you are tested and challenged to showcase your competence and develop yourself. I am convinced that a technology organization which cannot focus on its people cannot compete in the industry and this is why in Dinex we are making sure to identify and develop our talents.” Evangelos Georgiadis says.

Our talents

“3 out of 7 talents in the whole Dinex Group are Engineers from our Technology department and I am very proud of that.

I am heavily involved in the talent program, and I, as well as the rest of the top-management team, is highly prioritizing the program, because we all see the potential in ensuring that we develop a talent pool to be able to fulfill our strategic targets in the future.” Evangelos Georgiadis says.

Why work for Dinex?

Reasons for working in Dinex are many and we might not even be able to list them all ourselves. But what we can list is that we are a global company with global career opportunities, we have a unique engineering environment, and we have programs that will support your development to become the best version of your professional self.

Dinex is always looking for talented people so if this has caught your interest, sign up in our talent pool here.

We look forward to hearing from you.