In the beginning of 2020, we initiated the first talent program in Dinex history. All companies were invited to nominate their local talents. The nominations were first done by the local Manager, thereafter, all the local nominations were evaluated by the local Management team who decided which talent they wanted to nominate for the program. Each company could nominate maximum three talents pr. site.


Our specialists are key to Dinex and the growth journey that are organized in our next 3 years strategy plan Shaping The Future.
They are the ones designing our products, producing them, and delivering them to our customers. Therefore, it was decided that the Talent Program 2020 should focus on specialists. The nominees were specialists within many different functions, and they all had one thing in common; They already were local talents showing a strong performance within their specialist field, being extremely eager about their jobs already demonstrating a different in their local entity.

From 23 to 14 local talents

We received 23 nominees from the Dinex companies. An evaluation process lead by Group HR was initiated for all the nominees. Group HR held interviews with both local and group managers to understand the potential of each nominee. After the evaluation process, the number of candidates were reduced to 14 employees.

The 14 candidates were invited to join a test and they were tested on their ability to think logical and understand high complexity. Based on the evaluation from managers and the test result combined with the evaluation of both performance and potential, we finally could shortlist 7 nominees globally.

7 local talents enrolled in the Group Talent Program 2020

The 7 nominees were invited to join the Talent Program with an official letter from Group HR. All 7 nominees were given a mentor to be supporting and coaching additional with an individual annual development plan for 2020.

Below you find the 7 candidates which joined the Dinex Talent Program 2020. You also find the mentors which each of the talents had. The mentors have done a great job in guiding and supporting each of the talent through the program and their effort have been appreciated by both talents and Group management team.

Before being assigned as a mentor, all mentor received a job description and a training on the mentoring role. Being a mentor requires an ability to guide and support both on a professional but also on a personal level.

From 7 local talents to 4 Group talents

On 21st and 22nd of September the first Talent summit was held.

All nominees gave a presentation on their project to the Assessment committee:

After each of the summits, the Assessment Committee would meet to discuss observations and opinions before deciding on who should continue.

The Assessment Committee evaluated their overall performance and potential based on a pre-defined scorecard, and the results of their evaluation was that 4 local talents continued in the program. Two Talent summits more were held in October and beginning of December where the Assessment Committee joined all summits to evaluate the talents. At the summit in October, the talents were asked to think outside-the-box and be creative in how the presented their project without using powerpoint, word or excel. This was a real challenge also considering the fact that they all had to do online presentations via teams.

All four talents managed to be very creative and challenge also the Assessment committee with tasks during their presentations.

Final result of the 2020 Dinex Talent Program

At the final summit in December, they were asked to present how they would scale up their projects to be implemented not only locally but in the whole Dinex group. All four candidates have shown a strong development and learning curve during the process and the Assessment Committee have found the process really interesting,

”it has been a good experience to see how many talented young specialists we have around the world. I do not only speak for myself but on behalf of the whole Assessment Committee, when I say that we have also learned from the talents and their projects, and we have actually used some of the knowledge which we received at the summits as input for our 2023 strategy, Shaping the Future”

Torben Dinesen, CEO.

The final four talents were:

Anders Gertov (2nd from left)

​​​​​​​Project: developing a global Test Management Tool used for planning test in the Test centres to ensure that the test capacity and competences is utilized as much as possible but also ensure flexibility for urgent customers projects, repairs or any unforeseen issues.

Cansu Büyükpinar (right)

​​​​​​​Project: Improvement of workload for PPAP documentation
through XAL programming, flowcharts and control plans.

Matthias Geist (Left)
Project: the Lotus project. The Lotus project about why ammonia formation at low temperatures is crucial for modern SCR systems. Mixed metal oxides enhance the formation of ammonia from urea at temperatures below 200 °C.

Raimonds Steinfelds
Scanner project – time registration in production and the ability to allocate cost and the potential for cost reductions achieved through improved time registration with new scanner setup.

In the decision of the final nominations as Group Talent, the Assessment Committee evaluated each of the talents’ performance during all talent summits. They have all done a fantastic job and put a lot of effort and engagement into the program. However, the Assessment Committee decided that two talents were standing out:

Cansu Büyükpinar: is granted the title as a Group Talent 2020. The Assessment Committee says; that she have shown a stable performance during all tasks given. She has been rated in the top 2 for all summits and have shown energy and drive in all her presentations. Her personality makes her a strong presenter where she involves the audience and ensure that they are following her.

Matthias Geist: is granted the title as a Group Talent 2020.
The Assessment Committee says; that he is the one who has developed himself the most both personally and professional during the program. Matthias has had the ability to take the learnings and feedback from every summit and incorporate it into his next performance.

”It was a tough decision because all the four talents have shown a strong performance during the summits. Cansu and Matthias have in two different way shown that they have something extra to give, however, we should also be proud of the 23 talents which we have locally who are standing out and making a different because of their talented performance in their local organisations”

Lars O. B. Petersen , VP of HR.

We would like to congratulate Cansu and Matthias with the title as Dinex Group Talent 2020, as well as Anders and Raimonds for their effort and performance during the program.

We look forward to announcing the kick of the Dinex Talent Program 2021 within Q1 of 2021.