Dinex makes huge investment in Dublin, Georgia!

Dinex makes huge investment to increase the capacity in Dublin, Georgia!

Dinex invests in advanced coating automatization and assembly with an investment of 5,0 mUSD in their facility in North America. It means more people, new production lines, and 100% on time delivery on the aftermarket.

“Dinex has now been present for +10 years in the North American aftermarket with a coverage of ALL exhaust spare parts from “Turbo to Tailpipe”. The sales have continuously been increasing including a sustained growth of new customers. With this growth we do need to have focus on safety, availability, quality, production capacity, and our people. It is therefore time to take the next steps”.

Torben Dinesen, CEO Dinex Group

We are hiring 50 new colleagues over the coming months in our production facility in Dublin, Georgia, as we are seeing increasing demands for Dinex products and technologies in the North American aftermarket.

To simplify the supply chain and shorten lead times we have localized our clamps production from Europe as well. In the coming 12 months we will further localize production of components with additional investment in advanced coating and assembly equipment for the OneBox patented Dinex technology.

The main responsible for implementing these new initiatives will be John Milland Klein that recently started as the COO of the aftermarket.

We plan to expand the space of our warehouse on our current location and to plan new layout for the production area. This is to be able to increase the production output 3 times more than the current volume, as we see a market growth for our solutions within EPA compliant aftertreatment systems. Further investments will be applied in 2023 and 2024 for a new production layout and advanced robot welding to increase the output and efficiency, as well as focusing on a safe production environment.

“The process of implementing all these initiatives has already started, and we expect they will be fully integrated within the next 9-12 months”.

John Milland, COO, Aftermarket, Dinex Group

Besides the 50 new hirings in the coming months, specialists within LEAN production, coating, and supply chain from Europe will be stationed in Dublin for a 3-year period.

With the increasing growth of the aftermarket business Dinex will announce that Aivis Grotuzis will be Sales Director for the North American market. Aivis will start in his new position from 1st July – He has been working for Dinex more than 20 years and knows Dinex, the products and the aftermarket business very well.

“I am looking forward to join and work close together with the successful American sales team, to learn and meet our customers in the coming future”.

Aivis Grotuzis, Sales Director, North America

The growth ambitions will only be possible with the support from our strong and skilled salespeople with Sebastian Houde – Sales Manager in the lead. He is backed up by our Regional Sales Managers Tori Myles and Kurt Halfpenny that are covering the North American market together with our +30 associated Sales Reps.

Dinex has now settled the NO. 1 sales force for the North American aftermarket to developing our philosophy, “Dinex, easy to do business with”.

Last but not least we are happy to announce that we have hired Mr. David Hughes as our new General Manager at Dinex

Emission. David is origin from Liverpool in the UK but has been living in Ohio in the US for the last 6 years.

David comes with a strong background in engineering and graduated from Liverpool University as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer. He has worked in manufacturing as a Design Engineer, Project Manager, Sales Engineer, Marketing, International Business Development, Sales Director, and General Manager.

“I love engineering and have a very inquisitive mind - always lots of questions! In all the roles and industries, I have worked in there is one common factor I have found and that is people are at the center of making things happen. Making sure we work together to build a solid team where we are all accountable is key to success. I am looking forward to working closely with both the global and importantly the local Dinex team to achieve the growth of the US business”.

David Hughes, General Manager, Dinex Emission Inc.

David will start at Dinex from 1.7.2022, and we are looking forward to some interesting years ahead with development of our facility, and to increase the business together with our customers.

Dinex patented OneBox production in Dublin, Georgia!