Dinex Employee Profiles - Gabriele Weber-Scherr

If you are one of our European OEM customers, chances are you might already know our next employee profile. Gabriele Weber-Scherr has been with Dinex for 14 years as a Supply Chain Manager of the Hassloch warehouse. Gaby is well known to be straight to the point, always service minded, tough, but fair – and most importantly: She finds solutions that helps our customers.

“Working with supply chain can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle – but on the other hand it is also so rewarding to take part in the process when Dinex colleagues from all over the world, working in different departments and locations, are all coming together and working as 1 team with a shared purpose: To find solutions for our customers!”

Her reputation goes far across functional areas and locations, which was recently made clear when she was elected Colleague of the Year 2020 based on nominations received from colleagues all over the world. Thanks for being on the team Gaby!