Over the past years Dinex has actively made a name for itself within the OEM market in Russia. As a result of agile and customer-centric development both technically and commercially Dinex has been a technology provider to Kamaz since 2000 - one of the largest engine producers in Russia, and a brand well-known not only domestically but also in the markets in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, where inexpensive but tough trucks are appreciated and in high demand.

Dinex’s approach was one of simplicity of concept, ease of design and practical application. The result was a Euro V compliant exhaust aftertreatment system highly efficient with great quality and optimal cost price. Local talent backed up by global expertise, combined with local development and production of the full system, gave Dinex a competitive edge unmatched by other suppliers. Based on successful experiences in Europe, China and USA, Dinex introduced its unique concept of complete systems with all components included. This differentiator lead to the selection of Dinex as exhaust aftertreament supplier for KAMAZ’s Euro V platform.

With the ambitious task of designing and developing a brand new engine, the project was launched and resulted in a sophisticated, 6 cylinders inline, 550hp, Euro V diesel engine that took Russia by storm. A compact yet uncompromisingly powerful engine complying to all emission limits, and used in a variety of different vehicle applications.

For Dinex, the Euro V project with KAMAZ is one of the best examples of the “Turbo to Tailpipe” approach where the scope of supply includes Aftertreatment box, SCR catalyst, pipes, clamps, fasteners sensors and urea dosing module. All developed and produced by Dinex, and delivered with the characteristic quality and service that makes Dinex a supplier that is easy to do business with.

The Dinex “Turbo to Tailpipe” approach was also the key that lead to the signing of a long term cooperation agreement between Dinex and KAMAZ. This cooperation will have Dinex involved heavily in the development of the future KAMAZ Euro VI solutions for both Diesel and Natural gas powertrains, paving the road for future growth and cleaner air in Russia.

Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our CSO  Mr. Lennart Rasmussen or our General Manager for Dinex Russia  Mr. Roman Pyankovski.

Mr. Gumerov, CTO KAMAZ and Mr. Dinesen, CEO Dinex

Mr. Gumerov, CTO KAMAZ and Mr. Dinesen, CEO Dinex.