While type approvals have been reality for exhaust and emission products on small vehicles for many years, type approvals became part of the game for the first time for heavy duty vehicles with the Euro 6 regulations in 2013.

On the aftermarket the exhaust and emission leader Dinex has put itself in a unique position specifically within type approvals with major investments and resources. The first approval was obtained in the beginning of 2020, and since there has been a rapid development. And Dinex is first with the introduction of all Type Approved Euro 6 emission systems.

The tests are conducted by the independent Spanish homologation and product certification institute, IDIADA.

“On the type approval listing we have just over 50 parts approved with 55% of those DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filter), and the rest split pretty evenly between DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalysts) and SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction)”, says Rogier van der Ouderaa.

He has been working for Dinex since 2005 and knows the markets very well, just like he has been in ongoing dialogue with authorities all over Europe, when it comes to regulations, fines and illegal products.
But in spite of the hard work and big costs concerning type approval and other producers on the aftermarket not having these approvals, Rogier van der Ouderaa doesn’t regret the comprehensive approval-work.

“It’s illegal to sell these products without approvals, and both owners of the vehicles with illegal emission parts and the drivers risk large fines all over Europe. Besides the stress test of the parts ensures the quality and durability of Dinex products”, explains Rogier van der Ouderaa.

“The aftermarket has not been used to type approvals, so there is still a lot of education for the industry – an education we still want to take part in. Furthermore the green image is a strong part of our DNA – in the end our goal is less pollution and cleaner air for everyone”, he adds.

Rogier van der Oudera Product and Project Director, Aftermarket

Rogier van der Oudera
Product and Project Director, Aftermarket

When costumers purchase Euro 6 Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, Diesel Particulate Filters and Selective Catalyst Reduction units from Dinex, they can fully trust that Dinex’ product range has been approved according to the regulation (EC) 595/2009.

Today aftermarket manufactures do also require a certificat proving that the replacement components not only comply with the emission limits, but also not affect the overall vehicle and exhaust system functionality as well. Dinex ensures all customers trustworthy aftertreatment system components from ordering to installation. The approval includes predetermined testing at an independent European Automotive certification facility like IDIADA, to ensure that Dinex aftertreatment system components meet the Euro 6 emission regulation throughout the product lifecycle.

Dinex can therefore offer the customers to purchase Dinex Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Diesel Particulate Filter and Selective Catalyst Reduction exhaust units that fully matches, or exceeds OEM quality and performance. Non approved spareparts on the independent aftermarket can cause increase engine loads, higher fuel consumption and damaging downstream components.

With more than 15.000 products available Dinex offers the world’s widest product range for on-road transport (LCV, trucks and buses), off-road and construction equipment.

IDIADA A.T., which is part of the Applus+ Group, is 80% owned by Applus+ and 20% by the Government of Catalonia. IDIADA has been operating under an exclusive contract from the 351-hectare technology centre near Barcelona in Spain (owned by the Government of Catalonia) since 1999.