This box ain’t nothing without the right pipe!

Did you know that in a modern Euro VI vehicle, the front exhaust pipe is just as important a part of the emission system, as the advanced catalytic and filtration technologies in the silencer?

That is why with Euro VI you don’t want to compromise quality. Go with Dinex to make sure your pipes has market leading:

  • Thermal Management (Insulation)

  • Leak-tight Clamping solutions

  • Durable and Leak-tight Decoupling

Temperature Management

Effective emission controls require heat, and poorly insulated pipe can cause malfunction of even a top-quality Euro VI silencer. Dinex uses it’s own effective and highly durable inetgarl insultaion technology to preserve heat inside the pipe.

Leak-tight Clamping

It goes without saying: Leakage of pollutant exhaust is a no-go, but the pipe must be assembled somehow. The flange, the clamp and the gasket are a trio working together to form a strong and leak-tight connection, which is why Dinex produce all three to the highest specifications.

Leak-tight Decoupling

As the front-pipe is the link between engine and silencer, it must withstand certain vibrations and thermal movements. Dinex’ own flexible elements are some of the most durable solutions available, and at same time demonstrates some of the market’s lowest leakage ratings.