Dinex celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work!

Let’s admit it: There is something more important than exhaust and emission systems, and that is Safety, good Health and Wellbeing of our colleagues.

On this “World Day for Safety and Health at Work”, we would like to thank our global teams who are every day working in all local entities to keep Dinex not only a safe workplace, but also a workplace that governs the good Health and physical Wellbeing of all employees.

This takes more than just setting up the right systems and processes. It also takes the right culture, fundamental awareness, and training to empower everyone to take care of themselves and their colleagues.

Some consider HSE to be a question of preventing sudden accidents. We want to go the extra mile and prevent also the more sneaky long-term incidents resulting from unhealthy working conditions, positions, and lack of focus on ergonomically poor habits. Today we celebrate our local ambassadors for this work, and give our full commitment to providing a workplace that makes people stronger.