Organizational changes in the Dinex Aftermarket Division

After 5 years at Dinex our CSO – Per H. Larsen is leaving for retirement, and at the same time 3 people in the Dinex sales organization have been promoted with effect from June 2022.

After 5 years at Dinex and nearly 50 years within the automotive business, CSO - Per H. Larsen has decided to retire from the spare part business. Thanks to the Dinex owner and management to dare to invest heavily in the aftermarket business, which is one of the key factors that has put Dinex in an even stronger position globally. The aftermarket business of exhaust parts within heavy duty vehicles still has a huge potential, and it is now time for the next generation to develop the business further.

“It has been 5 interesting years at Dinex selling high quality exhaust spare parts worldwide, but now it is time to slow down and spend more time with the family. I am happy for the trust that the global management team has showed me and my skilled team through all the years. That is also the reason that we have achieved these incredible results. And now it is time to join another chapter of my life together with my wife and family”.

Dinex - Per H. Larsen, CSO, Aftermarket

Dinex has a plan. After Per’s retirement our CEO of Dinex Group – Torben Dinesen will take over as interim CSO for the Aftermarket business.

This is a temporary solution until Dinex has found the right match for the company and our customers.

“This is a great opportunity to get closer into the aftermarket business, and corporate with our long lasting and newly customers. Some has been good relations since the Dinex foundation 40 years ago.”

Torben Dinesen, CEO, Dinex Group & Aftermarket

3 promotions in the Aftermarket division

With the increasing growth of the aftermarket business and as a part of the strategy – Shaping the future 2023 it is also decided to make following changes in the Aftermarket sales organization to keep the leading position in the market.

Dinex - Christina Jørgensen, Sales Director - Europe, Aftermarket

After working for Dinex almost 14 years and the last years in charge of the Nordic countries, PMO role, and international trading groups Christina Jørgensen has been promoted to Sales Director of the European countries. The European marke is without question mark, where Dinex have the longest customer relationship, and we have a strong position, and it is very important to keep the development and benefit of the growing market potential.

Dinex - Kirsty Davies, Sales Manager Nordic & Sales Development, Aftermarket

Finally, it also means that a position became available as Sales Manager Nordic & Sales Development. After working at Dinex UK since 2021, as Sales Manager for UK & Ireland, Kirsty Davies will now take over this position after Christina Jørgensen.

Dinex - Aivis Grotuzis, Sales Director - North America, Aftermarket

Aivis Grotuzis has been promoted to Sales Director for the North American market. It also means that he will be moving to USA together with his family this summer to be closer to the sales team and the customers. Aivis will start in his new position from 1st July – He has been working for Dinex more than 20 years and knows Dinex, the products and the aftermarket business very well.

It is an important segment for the Dinex Aftermarket, and we have in the past years seen big opportunities in the rest of the world countries with local presence through our global buying groups.

A process of finding a new sales manager to support our

Senior Sales Manager – Marc Worthington in the Dinex UK is initiated, and more information will come shortly.

We thank our customers and business partners for a good cooperation, and we look forward to continuing the good relationship many years ahead.

Dinex Aftermarket - Road to a cleaner future