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Meet the Team Member - Francesco from Dinex Italy


Meet Francesco De Pace – a genuine Dinex cornerstone for 22 years. Starting as a regional Sales Manager for the Italian Aftermarket, Francesco started his venture into the OEM industry in 2012, and is now full focused on strategic projects directly with Italian vehicle and engine manufacturers.

Automechanika Invitation


Will we see you at this year’s Automechanika in Frankfurt? We really hope so: Our team is working hard to prepare innovative, exciting new Aftermarket solutions for Heavy Duty Exhaust & Emission systems - and we just can’t wait to show them to you!

Grand Opening of Dinex H2 Fuel Cell Lab


Dinex’ Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lab in Bayreuth, Germany is now officially opened and ready to accelerate the research in high-efficient fuel cells for Heavy Duty applications.

Meet the Team Member - Sathiya from Dinex India


Working in a global organization, and still staying true to local cultural traditions? No problem, according to Sivasathiya P from Dinex India. Listen to Sathiya explain more about her international role, and the recent local events she helped organize in the Dinex India organization, and stay tuned for more “Meet the Team” videos.

Join Dinex at Automechanika & IAA in September 2024


…and join us on our tour as we gear up to meet you at the upcoming industry exhibitions in September 2024. Our dedicated Aftermarket and OEM sales teams are eager to connect with you and showcase our latest innovations.

Dinex Walkathon challenge 2024


For the last 7 days, we laced up our shoes and hit the pavement for the Dinex Walkathon challenge! Whether a seasoned walker or just beginning a fitness journey, this event was tailor-made for our incredible team. Every step taken was a step towards wellness!

Meet the Team Member - Agrita Grotuze from Dinex US


In this 2nd episode of our “Meet the Team” series, we turn the camera towards one of the key players in our supply chain organization. For 22 years, Agrita Grotuze has considered it her finest mission to keep availability and delivery precision towards our customers above all expectations. See what she has to say about working at Dinex!

Meet the Team Member - Claire Houghton from Dinex UK


At Dinex, it’s all about people – and finding solutions for our customers! So obviously, we couldn’t think of any better way of launching our new "Meet the Team" series 📽, than by showcasing 24 years of dedication to customer service. Introducing Claire Houghton, Sales Support at Dinex UK since February 2000.

Happy Thanksgiving


On this special day, we pause to express our gratitude for your continued partnership. Your trust and collaboration have been instrumental in our journey, and for that, we are truly thankful.

Minister of Economy of Latvia visit at Dinex Latvia


On the 27th of October, our colleagues at Dinex Latvia were pleased to greet the Latvian Minister of Economy. During the visit Mr. Viktors Valainis and his team of delegates, was introduced to the production of advanced exhaust aftertreatment technologies at our modern facility in Jelgava.

New CSO of Dinex Aftermarket


We strengthen our commercial effort and advance the customer mindset, as we announce our new Global CSO of the Aftermarket division: Christina Jørgensen. As some may notice, this is not exactly a new face: Christina is a true home-grown power player of the Automotive Aftermarket, who started her career in Dinex over 15 years ago.

Dinex Turkey - Health and Safety above all!


On this “World Day for Safety and Health at Work”, we would like to thank our global teams who are every day working in all local entities to keep Dinex not only a safe workplace, but also a workplace that governs the good Health and physical Wellbeing of all employees.

Dinex celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work!


On this “World Day for Safety and Health at Work”, we would like to thank our global teams who are every day working in all local entities to keep Dinex not only a safe workplace, but also a workplace that governs the good Health and physical Wellbeing of all employees.

Dinex - Catalyst Coated Fuel Cell Membranes


Dinex has announced its arrival in the alternative energy sector. The company will expand its activities into development and production of catalyst coated membranes (CCM) as one of the core parts for fuel cells. With its experience and an innovative approach to catalyst technology, Dinex aims to make a significant impact in the market.

Find Dinex on the social medias


We are not only expanding our product range, but also our presence on social media platforms, where we’ll spread the word even further on latest Exhaust and Emission technologies and products, technical guidance and other services to the Heavy Duty Automotive Aftermarket and OEM Industry. We hope you will follow us.

Dinex - well-deserved retirement


How many do you know who’s been with the same employer for 47 years? We know one… And last week he entered his third age and began his well-deserved retirement.

Dinex Colleague of the Year 2022 is found!


Congratulations to our Supply Chain Supervisor of Dinex China: Hatty Cheng! All over the world 🌎 local winners has been celebrated as it has been tradition in Dinex since 2016.

Dinex - International Day of Women and Girls in Science


Today we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. On this day we recognize especially our female employees in scientific, engineering, and technical positions all over the world, for challenging societal norms and joining in on Dinex’ efforts to make better, more innovative solutions for our customers, and for our planet.

Michael Storm are joining the Dinex Team as Group CFO


We are happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with Michael Storm, who will join as Group CFO and be a part of the Executive Team as of 1.3.2023.

Dinex - Who will be our next Colleague of the Year?


Every year Dinex employees all over the world are nominating each other for Colleague of the Year. 🏆 It has been a very special tradition since 2016 where colleagues are showing their appreciation to other colleagues who are making an exceptionally positive difference in their everyday work lives.

Dinex - 40-year Anniversary Celebrations


2.000 Dinex colleagues from all over the World has taken part in the celebrations organized throughout 2022: The year that marked the 40-year anniversary of our foundation.

Dinex - Merry Christmas


Let's take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and partnership in 2022, and present you with our warmest season greetings.​​​​​​​

Dinex UK - 30th Anniversary


It has always been important for Dinex to be present and close to the customers in the local markets that we serve. England was one of the first export markets that Dinex entered, offering a complete range of spare parts for the “big 7” continental brands, combined with British makes was a recipe for success from the beginning.

Dinex - Global mindset powered by local culture!


At Dinex Group we have a multicultural mindset and see diversity as one of the biggest strengths in the organization. That’s why it is a priority for Dinex having cross cultural training to strengthen our Global workforce.

Dinex Turkey Summer Event 2022


Is there anything more joyful than to see the smiles and hear the laughter of colleagues and their families, getting together and having a great time? Check out this short capture of the atmosphere from the recent summer event organized by Dinex Turkey.

Dinex - Strong team work means everything!


Meet Alice Zhang, Vice General Manager of Dinex China, as she evaluates 2021 with praise to the local organization - and especially the local Colleague of the Year: Emily Dai.

Dinex - Happy New Year 2022!


Our CEO Torben Dinesen would like to take this opportunity to walk you all through Dinex’ strategic ambitions for 2022. Yet another year where customers, employees, and global sustainability is at the center of attention!

Dinex - Spreading Christmas Joy


Dinex Latvia brings Christmas to local children's home.

Dinex - Clean air is a human right


Dinex believes in a future where this will be nothing but a scary story, so on this World Human Rights Day we remind ourselves of why exhaust emission solution is making a difference.

Dinex - Employee Profiles - Gabriele Weber-Scherr


If you are one of our European OEM customers, chances are you might already know our next employee profile. Gabriele Weber-Scherr has been with Dinex for 14 years as a Supply Chain Manager of the Hassloch warehouse. Gaby is well known to be straight to the point, always service minded, tough, but fair – and most importantly: She finds solutions that helps our customers.

10,000 followers on LinkedIn


Dinex is thrilled to have reached this outstanding milestone of having more than 10,000 followers on LinkedIn. We would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who follow our page and like, share and comment on our content. We appreciate your support and enjoy engaging with you! You are helping us grow and we’re grateful for this.

Dinex - Academy + Industry = Innovative Solutions!


Naturally we salute our long tradition of collaboration with academic partners by joining the “Industry Day” organized by the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. Two of our researchers presented the Dinex Group and elaborated on the meaningful role Dinex has as a cleantech company in the area of emission control.

Dinex - Employee Profiles - Karen Louise


Learn more about our blacksmith apprentice Karen Louise from Dinex Denmark, who graduated from Higher Technical Examination Program with a specialty in Biotechnology in June 2021 with top grades and an urge to proof everyone wrong.​​​​​​​

Dinex - CleanTech jobs are meaningful


CleanTech jobs are meaningful, and calls for competences and fresh ideas to make a difference! Throughout the past 10 years, Dinex has hosted hundreds of interns and students; Many of whom we today count among our colleagues.

Dinex - We use Oxygen for welding - Others use it to save lives


In Latvia the country is in lockdown and hospitals are stretched to maximum and beyond, so when the Riga East Clinical University Hospital called for help to avoid an Oxygen shortage, priorities were not a question.

Successful Global Talent program … to be continued


In 2020, Dinex implemented the very first Talent program - despite colossal challenges with the pandemic. Get the opportunity to hear more about the success of the 2020 edition, both from the Dinex Group management and the talents. Dinex Group will launch the next Global Talent program for specialists in spring 2022.

About Digitalization, Green Agenda, and Attracting the Right Talents


Digitalization trends brings exciting opportunities for both employees and employers. But how do we fit these new opportunities into our way of organizing, and harvest the full benefits for both climate, recruitment and retention?

Dinex Leadership Academy


Investing in our human resources is the key to many of our successes. This continous cycle of resource development has yielded very positive results. Read on and see what the Dinex Leadership Academy has focused on during the first half of 2021 globally.

Dinex Social Buddy


Our ambition for 2021 is to focus on onboarding methods cultivating social connectedness that will support acclimatization of our new local and international employees. Introducing Social Buddy program is our next step to a successful onboarding experience.

Dinex video profile by Sydbank


A short, but insightful view into Dinex, prepared by our banking partner Sydbank. See the video here.

Dinex has Talent


In Dinex we look in-depth at what it takes to attract and retain international talents. Recruiting and retaining of international employees require more of a company than it does if an employee is brought from the local area.

Dinex has Talent


...all over the world. Our specialists are key to Dinex and the growth journey that are organized in our next 3 years strategy plan Shaping The Future. Therefore, it was decided that the Talent Program 2020 should focus on specialists. Thanks to all the nominees and congratulations to the final winners.


Exceptional colleagues from across Dinex Group have been recognized for making a difference by living the 5 Dinex Values, making the workplace a great place to be, helping, and always being ready to go the extra mile. This is the fifth year that the Dinex Group is running the Colleague of the Year.


We have asked this question to our employees around the world. Watch the video to see which one you agree to, or if you can come up with yet another reason why working for Dinex.


Dinex University is for all our employees. We design training and development programs for all functions and organizational levels. Check out this video on how we train and develop our production workers.


We are looking back at a great summer with events all over the world. We have many traditions and one of them is our annual summer event where we get together and have a barbecue while wishing each other a good summer.


At Dinex we are always looking for new talents. We already do a lot for our leaders, but it is equally important to develop our specialists. This year’s talent program is therefore focused on specialists, as it is not only requiring strong leaders to deliver tomorrows technologies.


Dinex is coming to India!

We are starting production in November 2020 at our brand new facility in Chennai.

We still have vacant positions, so don’t forget to check out our job database.


We know that good leaders are one of the strongest motivators in job satisfaction and therefore, we take great responsibility for ensuring that our Leaders are developed. Monthly we send Leaders Newsletter, where we put focus on a specific Leadership discipline. Here you can read the July issue of the Dinex Leadership Newsletter.


Why did you become an Engineer? To make a real difference? Why don't you come and join the Dinex Group?
Our colleague, Jim, invites you to join him at work.


Are you an Engineer, new graduate or talent? Then, this article is just for you.

Read it here.


WE ARE READY… to welcome you.

The reasons for working at Dinex are many & we have tried to share some of them in our new employer branding video. Enjoy.!


Higher productivity, new product launches and a strong pipeline drives impressive growth in the Dinex group, also in 2019.

2020.03.17 of the famous quotes by Mahatma Gandhi was “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ​​​​​​​


In the autumn, 20-year-old Gustav Dinesen, son of Dinex CEO Torben Dinesen, was given a new perspective on his father’s company through a temporary position at Dinex. Thus, he  became the third generation of Dinesens in the company.


We are pleased to announce that Dinex has joined the Natural and Bio Gas Vehicle Association.


Dinex expand their activities to India. “In our journey towards being a global player within our industry, India is a very important market, with a significant volume, and expected growth looking ahead,” says the CEO of Dinex, Torben Dinesen.


The wheels of Dinex, the Danish Cleantech Group, are rolling at high speed. And this applies to all the global markets where the 1,400 employees develop, produce and sell exhaust sys-tems with advanced emission technology for trucks, construc-tion and agricultural machines.